across the streets

am standing there

clody day…stormy night

no one cares….no one understand

am looking for you

am watching your steps

i hear…and i feel

but no sign to your heart beat

am dreaming that one day

i’ll bloom peace…i’ll colour your sky


i need to help you

my secret soul

i feel your shadow

i can hear the voice of your spirit

let me help you

let me open the door of your world

doesn’t metter if you hurt me

am so happy …..why?

because i know that you can hear my voice too

i’ll change you

change your world…….how?

just with an honest smile

they thought that you are an invisible spirit

you don’t have to listen to them

just look into my eyes

you’ll see yourself

dear spirit

my whole world is waiting

take my key’s heart

open my world… there….see the happiness there

no one will stop you

just be your self ….hold your shadows

my dear spirit….

because you’re not invisible