in every moment we can choose ….
maybe the right or the wrong thing 
and all that to have the right answer then
more than one thing….is captured by our knowledge 
we can laugh for a long time 
we can cry all the time 
just to believe that our soul with us 
we never …change 
even if we need to change 
but we steel us 
same body……same face
but there isn’t a same ideas or what we would say
the life is just a huge test 
that makes us believe 
…………we never could explain what we need or what the right feeling is
but our emotions have the right to do that 
it could do that and it’s being right
by our smiles which means that we are soo happy ….but not always because some times we give our smiles to make the others happy or it means that we stand by it behind our broken hearts or because we get hurts
by our tears that shows our weakness or our afraid or ……
a lot of reason stand here and there 
but we steel believe that we are here too